This chapter was a just a sex scene chapter with Louis doing his partner.  She was pretty hot though so check it out.

Satellizer's Lookalike Sexing It Up

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Holly starts to question Satellizer about the matters that happened in the previous night.  Satellizer said that she was with Louis which made Holly threw water at her.  She said that it wasn’t normal for a brother and sister to spend time together alone at night.  She then talked about how Louis always think about his older sister while he was with her.  She said that she loves him and told her that she won’t forgive Satellizer if she does not restrain herself.  Louis came running by to ask what was going on and Holly told him that she threw water at his sister.  Louis and Holly went away when Aoi came by asking what was wrong.

That night Louis and Holly was arguing with each other.  Holly said that it wasn’t normal for him to spend his time with his sister at night.  She said that their relationship was disgusting and Louis slapped her.  He told her that she was just a fility pandora that he was using like a toy.  He was playing around with her in place of his sister.  He starts doing her and leaning her on the window while explaining to her that a pdandora is just genetic’s dogs and genetics can’t disobey an order from Shubariet which takes its orders from the El Bridge family.  Their sex scene continues.