I wonder what the weasel guy is up to.  It looks like the weasel guy will be the end boss of this arc so as long as Ken can beat him, they’ll own a new casino.

Badass Fight With Weasel Man

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A little recap of the previous chapters.  It starts with Ken saying how he beat the other four lieutenants where the veteran wanted to know if he can handle responsibilities, chef wanted to determine his professionalism, and the twins wanted to know if he could resist desire and temptation.  The fifth lieutenant said that he isn’t teaming up with the weasel guy and the weasel guy cut him.  The weasel guy said he wanted to fight Ken and needed to take out the lieutenant beforehand.  The group was informed that Tae-Soo’s friends has arrived.  Tae-Gon and Basshi are Tae-Soo’s lieutenants and was asked to clean up.

The weasel guy told Ken what a boss should be and how they should function as a shield.  He then ask Ken what kind of boss is Ken and Ken told him one that fights with conviction and to defend certain principles.  The weasel guy rejected his answer and Ken says they’re eve since he doesn’t like his face.  They start to fight and both was able to land a punch against each other.