The whole grabbing his balls scene was pretty funny.  I like how Ken’s gang is growing especially with the Cherries.  The one on one fight is kind of cliche and I know they always have these fights in shounen/seinen manga; however, it is kind of meh.  I’m not really into fighting scenes but it looks pretty good.

Ken's Added Ammunition

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The weasel guy said that Ken doesn’t have a chance because he is already too tired from fighting, he is stronger than he looks, and the casino boss is behind the door.  Ken keeps on fighting and eventhough he doesn’t have the strength to go on all the blood is rushing to his head.  The casino boss opens the door and the room is now filled with alot of his gang members whoa are wielding swords.  Back on the ground floor Chang Do-Heun and one of Tae-Soo’s friends is cleaning up the rest of the gang members.

The four lieutenants arrive on the ground floor as well as Marin arriving at the top floor and looking really pissed.  The lieutenants said that they want to stop fighting and want to be their new boss’s underlings.  Marin starts shooting all the gang members and Ken grabbed Marin’s crotch to make him stop shooting.  He told them that they’d finish their fight with their fist and told everyone to drop their weapons.  The fighting between Ken and Yong-Bae (weasel guy) continues.

Thanks Weaper for providing the summary.  The weasel guy and Ken continue their conversation as well as their brawl.  The casino boss appear from his office and is surrounded by katana wielding men.  The beaten lieutenants go to the ground floor (not to fight) with Pickaxe and Kim Kae Lin.  They asked the remaining men at the casino to stop their fight.  Marin arrives in a fit of rage and fires three times with his gun at the bodyguards.  Ken stopped him by holding his balls.  Marin explained that he was following Tae-Soo’s orders and Ken replied that he doesn’t need his help.  They decided that the fight between the weasel guy and Ken will determine the outcome of the war.  The fight continues.