This was an introductory to the fight scenes.  Apparently all the ones that “lost” during the event came back and is showing their real powers.  Gildarts is showing off his powers too but what peaked my interest ins the boy at the end.  Looks very similar to Natsu but who knows.

Some New Powers

You can read it on Mangastream.

Gildarts told everyone to get away and starts to attack.  Bluenote sends him flying with the earth beneath him; however, Gildarts broke apart the ground beneath him and launches toward Bluenote.  They both clash together with their punch that sends out a burst of energy around them.  He was able to overcome Bluenote with his raw power.  Cana told the group that they should leave since they’ll only hinder Gildarts if they stayed.  Natsu said that he was strong and wants to watch the fight while Lucy urge him to leave.  Gildarts explained that the test was very important for all the kids because it represents their determination which was ruined.

The scene changes over to Rusty Rose who was surprised by an attack.  Fried and Bixlow came into the scene who said that they saw the fire signal and came by to help along with Gildarts.  Rusty Rose said that a couple more weaklings would not matter; however, the two was able to overcome his magic.  The two was able to instill fear in Rusty Rose with their powers.  A mix of scenes are shown with Gildarts fighting, Natsu group carrying the master and walking away, Ezra fighting, and Gray talking.  Scene changes to a boy with a scarf like Natsu and a Fairy Tail symbol who is staring out at the sea.