This is just a good brawling chapter with both men duking it out.  Ken is exhausted after fighting those four lieutenants though so give him some credits for being able to fight.

Ken Getting A Beating

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Tae-Soo said that the only uncertainty within this war is the fight between Ken and the weasel guy.  Up in the top floor Ken is giving his all to fight; however, he is already exhausted and could not even move his legs.  Marin comments how he could not imagine how numb he must be feeling right now and it is a miracle that he can still move his upper body.  After several more hits by the weasel guy Ken was almost brought down to his knees; however, he hasn’t given up.  The weasel guy throws a barrage of punches at Ken and got him to the ground.

He told him that with his convictions alone it would work for a weaker group of enemies; however, if he was to face a strong enemy it would have dire consequences.  The casino boss chimes in and said he is the master at the place and he’d be willing to join forces with stronger powers to annihilate a threat.  He told Marin to take his boss away since they have lost.  Marin contemplated on what he should do since he could not disobey Ken’s orders of not firing the gun however he knows if he takes out the casino boss everything would be resolved.  He agrees with the casino boss and wanted to take Ken away; however, Ken said that it isn’t over yet.