This website is about basically what the title says “Wasted Free Time.”  I’ll post random things I do on my free time.  Watch movies, read manga, play and watch sports, read a book, reviews on video games, learn to cook, celebrating the holidays, sleeping, anything and everything.  I’ll update it regularly on multiple occasions so please come back and check the posts.  I think a future project that I have in mind will be to rate the different kind of fansubs that I watch and see how they fair against each other.

I’ll write a little about my personality, what I like and dislike, and what you should expect out of this blog.  I’m an avid gamer and I’m very competitive with anything I play.  I’m a very good gamer playing different types of games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and various RPGs.  I’ve been in US 50th ranked guilds (was ranked 16th at one point) in WoW and have placed top 10 DPS for my class (being on front page of WoL) on multiple occasions so I’m pretty good at that game I think.  Also I’ve placed in all (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4) diamond league while playing sc2, although now they’ve implemented a master league so I guess diamond isn’t THAT good anymore.

For the most part I enjoy RPG games like Final Fantasy series, Tales series, Suikoden series, and etc.  WoW took up ALOT of my time when I played it so I HIGHLY recommends you guys not to get sucked into that game like I did.  Starcraft 2 was fun at the beginning when I was wrecking face with all the bronze noobs.  They implemented a system where you have to face really good players (on par with your skill level) and that wasn’t really fun for me.  You’d usually win a game then lose a game then win one then lose one and it gets really frustrating.  I’d rather just rape the noobs like in sc1 haha.  If you guys have any questions about those games though I’ll gladly give any tips or just talk about the game itself.

The types of manga/anime that I really enjoy are fantasy, ecchi, and comedy types.  If it have ecchi in it and it actually have a storyline then I’ll probably pick it up.  I’ll even probably look at the hentai on occasion although I don’t blog about them.  I’ll shy away from the gender bender and yaoi types just because I hate those.  On occasion I’ll look at tragedy types since some of them is pretty good like Vampire Juuji Kai but for the most part I don’t really read/watch those just because they have such a sad ending.  I really enjoy the comedy types though like Azumanga Daioh.  For the most part though I really look for the storyline in a anime/manga and if it have a good one I’ll pick it up.  For example One Piece probably has the BEST storyline out of all the series I’ve read.  The drawing for it isn’t something that most people get used to at the beginning (cute chibi big eyes etc) but if you can get past that at the beginning then the storyline will just suck you right in and you won’t be able to stop.  The drawing is also another thing that can suck me into a series like Otoyomegatari which probably have the BEST drawing I’ve seen thus far.  So yeah ecchi, comedy, storyline, and drawing is what I usually base what I read or watch.

If you want me to blog about a certain manga, anime, movie or anything else just write down a comment or two.  You can email me at