Category: [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

A few important things happen in this episode.  Kimimaro’s wavily feelings about the deals seems to have been solved toward the end of the episode.  It seems like you can have more than one asset from looking at Mikuni’s fight.  The way the assets can be invested in like stocks is quite interesting as well.

Another Asset?

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This was an interesting episode with it diving into Kimmimaro’s past as well as providing more information on the Financial District and its system.  The blonde chick took center stage in this episode by narrating most of it and it seems like she is a spy.  Spy for whom?  Watch and find out.

Newest Overpowered Asset

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First protagonist’s battle.  He did pretty well with an OP asset.  Msyu is pretty cute and fiesty.  Lets see what happens from now on.

Pew Pew With Phoenix Powers

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I’ve been waiting for this anime as one of my chosen spring anime.  I’ll check out the different groups and see which one I enjoy watching most and report back.  So far though it looks like most people voted for Doki Fansubs on myanimelist.  This could be because they were released first on that website or it could be because they’re good.  After watching this whole episode I kind of get the Yugioh feeling.  Seems like they battle each other in a made up dimension and winner takes all.  Interesting concept but I hope it isn’t too childish and would be able to hold my interest.

Guardian Spirit or Grim Reaper…You Decide

You can get it from Doki Fansubs, gg fansubs, Hatsuyuki, or Nutbladder

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