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Freezing 12

I believe there will definitely be a second season considering it ended with a cliffhanger.  Also because boobs will always sell like with Sekirei there will be a second season that will deviate from the manwha.  It wasn’t so bad of an ending.

Fuck Wings Of Light When You Can Have Rainbow Wings

You can grab the episode from HiryuuHatsuyuki, and WhyNot when they’re available.


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Freezing OVA 01

Totally forgot about reviewing this OVA.  It was basically just fanservice with Satellizer having a cold and have a “new” uniform thanks to her cold.  Ganessa and Rana join in the fun.  It wasn’t really that good of an OVA and it was really short but it was still Freezing.

Oh Noes Her Melon Size Boobs Are Showing

You can download the episode from Hiryuu, Hatsuyuki, and WhyNot when they’re available.

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Freezing 11

This episode was completely different than the manga.  I didn’t like how they made the two blondes (Satellizer and Elizabeth) appear weak in this episode and the 3rd years aside from Elizabeth should of had more trouble with the mind controlled.  Rana as well seems kind of weaker in this anime than its manga counterpart.  On a bright side they actually made Kazuya use his ability unlike the manga.

Holy Crap 3xSatellizer = 3x2=6 Tits…Can't Wait

You can grab the episode from Hiryuu, Hatsuyuki, and WhyNot when they’re available.


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Freezing 10

Alot of boobs shots during this episode which is always a plus.  They’re finally revealing what is the Nova’s objective.  Unlike the manhwa the anime actually is showing the prepping and fighting scene pretty vividly.  I actually enjoy this part of the anime better than the manhwa just because it shows so many boobs err I mean just because animated fighting scenes are way better than stilled picture frames.  It seems like they introduce a concept of positioning for the assault teams like the Strikers and Finishers which seems pretty cool with the strategy.  So since there were so many fanservice shots in this episode I’ll let you guys see if you can identify whose boobs belong to which characters.

The characters that match with the boobs below are shown here.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuu, and Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

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Freezing 09

This episode follows another girl that is similar to Satellizer in ability.  It also explores Kazuha’s past and her relationship with all the really good rookies.  It seems like the anime deviated a little bit with the anime regarding Cassie’s introduction but nevertheless it created the same concept regarding the attack on East Genetics and the Nova’s absorption turning the Pandoras into drones.  I’m looking forward to the next episode to see Satellizer and Cassie duking it out.

Absorbed To Be Used As Sex Slaves….Well Not Really 😛

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuu, and Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

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Freezing 08

Woot finally episode is out.  The story continues where it left off and we’re shown Satellizer, Rana, and Kazuya in the infirmary.  Satellizer starts to give Kazuya a verbal lashing about him knowing his place and not butting into problems he cannot solve.  Although she sounded harsh she was just worried about him getting hurt.

The three (Kazuya, Arthur, and Hiiragi) starts to talk about the prom and the Pandora Queen contest.  Elizabeth was the previous winner of the contest and we’re shown a glimpse of her.  Elizabeth and her gang of 3rd years are talking by the pool (damn she loves being naked huh) about how they’ve lost to Satellizer so they’ll leave her alone for now.  Atia said she can torment Satellizer without actually fighting her.  Satellizer wanted to apologize to Kazuya about her lashing when she saw Rana meeting up with the group.

Feeling Her Breast - mmhmm Nice And Soft ^_~

The Pandora Queen competition isn’t in the manga.  Kazuya meets up with Satellizer to go with her to the party and we’re shown a nice groping.  Atia meets up with Kazuya and Satellizer and challenge her to a duel and said they’ll settle it with the Pandora Queen competition.  Sister Margaret isn’t at the party because she is coordinating with the military to deal with the dimensional phenomena.  This is important because it sets up the storyline for the upcoming episode about the Nova invasion.

All the girls are wearing very revealing clothes for the Pandora Queen competition.  Satellizer got some encouraging words from Rana and Kazuya but is all nervous and is very moe on the stage.  The contest ends 5th place as Ganessa, 4th place is Rana, 3rd place is Atia, 2nd is Elizabeth, 1st is Satellizer.  Atia is plotting something afterwards….stupid video got cut off >_<.

All Hail The Slut Queen ... Errr I Mean Pandora Queen

Sweet was able to use the neighbor’s network to continue watching the videos.  Atia is telling the other girls to make Satellizer wear a very revealing outfit during the crowning to humiliate her.  Satellizer wore it on stage and was all embarrassed when it starts to become transparent and Kazuya came to rescue by freezing everyone in place and running off with her.

This episode is all filler and all fanservice and it didn’t really progress anything story wise but hey more boobs isn’t bad right.  So somehow he faints when he freezes 3 chicks but yet he can run away after freezing thousands of people at the party?  Enjoy the fanservice while it last and next week we’ll have a storyline episode probably about Cassie.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuu Hiryuu, and Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

Freezing 07

Just as expected from the preview, the third years starts their special lesson.  Satellizer and Rana got beaten up pretty badly by the 4th ranked Arnett McMillan and 5th ranked Creo Brand.  One uses a scythe while the other one uses metal gloves.  After being defeated, Satellizer reminisces about her past.  Her mother drops her off at a mansion to meet up with her half brother and sister.  The sister is really nice to her but the younger brother abuses her.  She tells her mother but her mother got mad at her and the mother told her to bear with it for now.  The sister found out about the abuse and stopped it and told Satellizer to leave the mansion for her own safety eventhough she knows its not her fault.  Soon afterwards the mother dies in the hospital and her dying words was for her daughter to not lose.

Satellizer Getting Raped By Arnett's Afterimage

She soon stands up and declares that she absolutely would not lose.  She released some wings of light and sliced Arnett while starting up with Double Accel and finishing with Triple Accel.  Rana took care of Creo by activating Quadruple Tempest Turn.  After a bit more blood spilling, the president Chiffon Fairchild and 3rd ranked Ticy Phenyl came in to stop the fighting by one hit K.O Arnett and pretty much scaring everyone.  A funny scene occurs afterwards with Rana wanting to carry Kazuya.  Should of been funnier with Satellizer talking back and I thought the anime did a bad job at transferring from manga to anime.  Chiffon also had a talk with Elizabeth and said how they should acknowledge Satellizer’s powers since she beat Arnett.  She caution Elizabeth that she should come up with a different way to deal with Satellizer other than physical assault to save face and also relayed a message saying their time of peace is coming to an end.

This episode sets up a few important key point that will be part of the storyline.  It introduces the cause of Satellizer’s trauma and about her sad past.  It also is the end of the 3rd year’s stupid assault on Satellizer since it’ll get a bit more serious now regarding the Nova invasion.  I wanted to see more of Chiffon in action and hopefully we’ll see Elizabeth in action soon enough.  Also another thing to note is that I think the mother was a bitch to let her daughter go through that just for her own well being.  I think next week should be a filler episode with Kazuya and Satellizer competing in the eating contest.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuuHatsuyuki when they’re available.

Freezing 06

Kazuya woke up with Satellizer face right beside him.  He said he was sorry that he missed his first night with her but she said it was all right since it was technically their first night.  I was kind of disappointed with the way they did this scene.  She should have been a bit more shy or comical in her reaction and I think the anime is making her out to be too stern or serious all the time.  As expected Rana join the 2nd year in Satellizer’s class and she chose to sit next to Satellizer.  After learning about changing clothes, Rana and Ganessa had a duel during PE class.  Rana wins but the teacher stopped her before the fatal blow was dealt.

Rana's Version of Falcon Punch

Scene switches over to Kazuya where he was asking his friends about Satellizer’s past and how she got the name “Untouchable Queen.”  Rana was having a “lovely-dovey” conversation with Kazuya and told him to call her “Rana” instead and not add in the suffix until Satellizer interrupted.  Satellizer called him up to the rooftop to share him hamburgers and told him to drop the senpai from her name.  The 3rd year student Atia coerces Rana into fighting Satellizer by telling her that Satellizer forced Kazuya into being her limiter for his powers.  They ended up fighting to see who would be Kazuya’s partner.  Their fight scene was insane with both using high level techniques like Double Accel and advance martial art techniques but Kazuya interrupted the fight and told Rana that he insisted Satellizer to choose him as her limiter.  The third year shows up to finish off the fight.

This episode followed the manga exactly and we ended up having the two best 2nd year students duking it out.  Next episode would probably be the 3rd year beating the crap out of them and the following would be them returning the favor.  This episode was kind of nostalgic bringing back the Wings of Light from Gundam.  Overall I like the development happening and having Kazuya standing his ground and saying Satellizer is the only girl for him.  Enjoy the fight scene.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuuHatsuyuki.

Freezing 05

The episode starts off with Rana ready to leave her village.  Scene switches over to the student studying about the freezing capabilities of both Nova and the limiters.  Satellizer leads Kazuya to the roof and tells him that he is the only one that can touch her without making her feel awkward.  She wants him to be her partner but she doesn’t want to perform the baptism.  We get introduced to one of Satellizer’s cute habits of eating alot of hamburgers.

Rana Deflecting the Volt Weapon

This is where it differs from the manga a bit where instead of heading into town to meet Rana, Kazuya meets her at school and brings her to the principal’s room.  He meets up with the other two 1st year and they started talking about the “first night” and we’re shown Satellizer trying to figure out which dress to wear for the occasion.  Hiiragi, Arthur, and Kazuya starts to get beaten up by some upperclassmen.  He freezes the whole group but faints afterwards but because Rana’s stigmata reacted to Kazuya’s freezing she was able to find them and she proceeded to beat up all the upperclassmen.  Scene switches over to Satellizer meeting up with the group in the hospital and Rana finds out that she can’t have Kazuya as her limiter.

Although there is a difference between the manga and anime, I think that both gave the same results.  They did kind of hinted that the students are harassing Kazuya for retribution because he is partnered up with Satellizer which is a bit different than how the manga portrays it.  The scene was meant to introduce Rana as a Pandora as well as having Kazuya faint to go to the hospital for Satellizer’s “first night” with him.  I like this episode just because it sets up the 3rd year hazing which gets us closer to the introduction of Elizabeth and Chiffon.  It also shows some of Satellizer’s quirks like her dressing antics and her love for hamburgers.  Also it proves Arthur does not have any balls >_< I mean com’n even if you’re drunk.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuu, Hatsuyuki.

I’ve been watching WhyNot’s subs since its released sooner.  I’ll check out Whine-Subs and Hiryuu Fansubs (released on same day) so I can compare which one to download.  I don’t really like the fat font that Why Not uses.  Overall I’d go with either Whine-Subs or Hiryuu.  Whine-Subs uses the the first uncensored version while Hiryuu uses the second I believe (the second is in 16:9 but only the OP and ED is in that format while rest is 4:3 with black screens on the two sides).  Some of Hiryuu’s timing was kind of awkward in that the subtitles disappear too fast sometimes before you can read the whole thing without actually staring at the subtitles.  Hiryuu uses a “better resolution” file than the others so its recommended to use their releases eventhough its a bit slower than the other two.

Anyway the better of the three and the place you should download your episode is here.

PS:  Because of the comments made I went back and rechecked the episodes for the two fansubs and in the end I still picked Hiryuu because the image quality looks like its sharper.  Please drop a msg if you think otherwise.  All three fansubs are great and I hope anyone that read these post would greatly appreciate the amount of free time that they put into their work.

Hiryuu (Left) & Whine-Subs (Right)

Hiryuu and WhyNot released episode five the earliest and I’ll update the other fansub groups appropriately when they’re released.  It was a pain to find WhyNot’s website just because its not listed on Baka-Updates.  I’d suggest they update their website listing on baka-updates if they want more people to visit their website.  Anyway I felt I didn’t give WhyNot a chance in my last Freezing post just because of their font so I’ll look over their videos and write my opinion of their subs in this post.

When you first open WhyNot’s video you’ll notice that their OP and ED isn’t as nice as the others.  They even stated on their website that they’re looking for people to help with it.  When comparing speed, both fansubs (Hiryuu and WhyNot) seem to be released almost the same time; however the picture quality seems like it is sharper in Hiryuu’s releases.

For some reason the big font from WhyNot’s releases REALLY bothers me just because I have to keep my eyes focus on the bottom of the screen and not on the actual movie.  I like the translation done by WhyNot better just because it seems to be easier to understand; however, they do have some grammatical errors just like Hiryuu.  Maybe it is the big font where they can’t fit everything on the same line or maybe it is just not used to timing but I find it harder to read the WhyNot’s subtitles in a continuous fashion.  For example when Kazuya and Satellizer was on the rooftop and they were talking she said “Just like I thought…” and “You’re okay. I think…” it was too fast to read that.  I mean I read fine because I’m used to it but those should of been together or something just so I can read it as slowly as I want.  Overall though I found WhyNot’s videos to be fast and stable but it just lacks timing and finesse.

Hatsuyuki released their episode five of Freezing on Monday which is two days after the others.  Their timing for the subtitles is quite fast in episode five as in the subtitles go on and off screen really fast (ie you’ll need to be a fast reader).  They also capitalize alot of words that does not need to be capitalize.  They don’t write out the “arimasu” phrase that Rana usually use in her sentences.  I’m not sure if that take away any important but I think those little quirks that each character does adds on their personality.  Overall though their translation is pretty good and is easy to understand.  The font that they use is very easy on the eyes.

Whiner-Subs haven’t release 05 yet so I can’t comment on their videos.  I’ll update the post whenever it is release.