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Level E 13

And my first completed series woot.  This was a very good ending to a very good series.  There was some parody of the Lion King in this episode with the whole baby on the cliff scene.  It was quite a twist at the end so I hope everyone watch and enjoy the epsiode.


All Hail The King

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Level E 12

That was an unexpected twist at the end.  People of similiar traits attract I guess and in this case it’s called weirdness haha.  This arc was really weird so I suggest you watch it carefully especially toward the end.

Brought Up To Love The Prince…She Must Be Insane

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Level E 11

This episode reminds me of The Persistence of Memory painting by Salvador Dali.  The group is trapped inside somebody’s subconscious while the prince and his subordinates are trying to figure out a way to get them out.  It wasn’t really that funny of an episode but the prince’s ideas of getting them released was entertaining.  This also made reference to Edogawa Conan the detective manga, that or I’m just thinking about manga too much.  It is kind of a confusing episode though so watch it carefully.

WTF Was This Girl Thinking

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Level E 10

This episode is pretty much about the kids using their powers to save the mermaid.  I didn’t remember reading this in the manga so I’ll have to recheck it but I think this is just a one episode filler.  After checking it the episode was from chapter 14.  This episode wasn’t really funny, it was a bit too serious for my taste.  I think the episode was to show that one should cherish their friendships because it is very lonely being by yourself.  Hopefully the fun comedy and trolling continue.  The story should get back to that baseball player along with the prince and his family real soon.


Doesn't That Mermaid Look Alot Like The Prince?

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Level E 09

The episode was funny but it wasn’t extreme if that made any sense.  The captain did a lot of outburst which was part of his character and maybe it was the long explanation but I didn’t find the prince to be that funny in this episode.  It was kind of unexpected that Saki would attempt to change her partner’s sex instead of giving up but I guess with this anime just expect the unexpected.  Princess Saki seems pretty smart and I’d think she would be a good partner for the prince…too bad the captain wouldn’t want to die haha.

Their Fated Encounter....Or Is it

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Level E 08

New arc is starting.  Mikihisa and Satomi is going on a trip together.  There is a flashback that talked about the Macbac, an all female insect humanoid race, and how Princess Saki is looking for a groom.  The problem about this romantic scenario was that the groom’s race was always wiped out.  The planets were wiped out because the men can not reproduce anymore after having sex with the queen because of a virus that is transmitted by the queen to the population.  The three subordinates go ahead with their match-unmaking plans by telling them all of Earthling’s bad qualities to save Earth.

Princess Saki And Her Search For A Mate

Satomi left because she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed and as Mikihisa was heading back Princess Saki asked for him to marry her.   A funny scene with the interpreter trying to break up the relationship occurred afterward.  Santa Claus punched out one of the subordinate haha and the two lovers were seen running off.  As they were about to kiss,  they got interrupted and they informed the princess that Mikihisa is a girl.

Female looking for a mate?  Seriously sound like a hentai I watched way back when.  This is a funny episode with the way the three are trying to break up their relationship and save Earth.  Quite an unexpected ending haha.  Girl on girl action o_O?  I’ll update a more detailed screenshot later once Commie Subs or WhyNot release their version.

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Level E 07

The teachers were talking about how their students are missing.  Itoi Rina (the girl that blue ranger likes) is also missing.  Meanwhile the students was told by the king that the general has fallen in love with his daughter and if they can get rid of him they can marry his daughter.  It was made so that you’d think Rina was the princess but that wasn’t the case haha (guess who the princess was…).  In order for them to get back to Earth they have to defeat the Demon Lord an artificial intelligence that the prince created.  The general working for the Demon Lord is power level 1300 (I’m surprise he didn’t say over 9000) and there isn’t anyway for them to defeat him.  The princess left with the general while the rangers head toward the holy shrine for sanctuary.  There was a funny parody of Azumanga Daioh (one of the best anime/manga if you haven’t read/watch it before) where the red ranger kept saying bus explosion over and over again mirroring Chiyo.  The prince is explaining to the rangers on how to beat the game.

Demon Lord Prince Baka

They all meet at the shrine and the Demon Lord explains to the Color Ranger his past as well as what he wants from the game.  Then the prince explains the game’s objective, which is to entertain so the kids entertained him with the Golden Hammer.  They all return to Earth but whenever they’re together they’re teleported back to the RPG planet.  The prince has taken over the planet as the new Demon Lord.  End of this arc.

Although this arc was somewhat funny, I’d rather they move onto another arc.  It was funny but kind of childish and some part of the arc was kind of gay like the way the red ranger acted.  I just didn’t really enjoy those types of jokes so I’m looking forward to the new arc next week.  On the positive side was that this whole arc was quite nostalgic with the appearance of the color rangers, rpg games, and elementary school setting.

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Level E 06

The episode starts out with the group of five elementary kids trying to figure out how to remove their wristband.  They were told to obtain a key.  They went to the captain to get the key and they had to play a charade with him (since he hates the prince as well) and they were finally able to get the key.  They don’t know how to use the key and asked for assistance.  The captain as well as the teacher did not know how to use it as well.  The captain got pissed off and called back his two subordinates and one of them told them how to use it and the hint told them to say the name of the person they like.  Three of them were able to do it but the red one did not want to get rid of his bracelet.  The white one was a prick and couldn’t remember all the girls he likes.  The next day they all met at school and were transported to a RPG planet and encountered a lot of monsters.

Boy With Balls On Chin

The monster that they killed had balls on their chin (South Park reference).  They came upon Tarsting Town and an old man told them to head to a castle where the king lives which triggered an event.  The Demon Knight was seen heading toward the castle and they agreed to wait until they’re level 30 or more before they engage him.  They’re actually having fun leveling up and after they have gotten past level 30 they start heading toward the castle.

It was a dull episode with the kids playing an RPG game with some humor thrown into the mix.  They’re getting into the act with playing the five rangers and hopefully more humor can be used because its not really that funny so far.  The South Park reference was pretty funny though if anyone caught that little detail.

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Level E 05

Kidnapping….Is that a crime for aliens?  This episode is a parody of “Power Rangers,” including their stupid transformations and poses.  Five kids were kidnapped (beamed onto spacecraft) and told that they have to defend Earth.  After getting their powers they found out that the teacher was an alien.  The prince showed them some weapons and spells that would help against the assassin.

Prince Baka's Sophisticated Explanation

They ended up asking the teacher for help to kill the Prince of Dogura.  The teacher said that they should try to take him down themselves first.  The prince told them that he’ll play the role of the Demon and in order for them to remove the wristband they’d have to defeat his subordinate and get the key.  They’re too weak to do that right now and have to level up first.

Again I didn’t really enjoy this episode just because it was really childish.  The jokes weren’t as funny as before and the show is lacking right now.

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Episode four wasn’t as funny or as interesting as the other three episodes.  It started out with four students playing poker who witnessed a murder.  They saw an alien eating a female student but were too scared to do anything.  After talking things over on the rooftop they decide to find out who was the possible culprit and try to avoid them since nobody would believe them.  They narrowed it down to three possible people (why is it always three in every mystery) and they decide to end their detective activity before anything bad happens.  One of the boys went missing and they got all scared so they decide to call Ango to ask for his advice.

Mr. Alien Meet Mr. Hippie 😛

Ango sent them to another place and to respond with “Level E” to talk to a doctor.  The doctor told them about aliens but in order for him to help them they’d have to pay an absurd amount of money.  After they decide to leave, one of the boys went missing so they returned but this time with their parent’s jewelry as payment.  The doctor sent the two boys to another floor for protection where they met up with the other two.  After some conversation they found out that the aliens would only kill females.  They all left and they realize that even if they know something they sometimes can’t do anything about it.  The scene switched over to the Baka Prince who was proposing this story to one of the producer, as an elaborate plan to convey to earthlings that aliens exists.  It ended in failure :P.

The drawing was the first clue that this was some sort of story within a story.  The lack of humor was another clue.  I didn’t really enjoy this episode just because of the lack of humor.  Hopefully they’ll come back to the main storyline and make me laugh some more.

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