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Freezing 45

It is about time the “stupid oriental boy” actually understood the situation.  Well anyway Kazuya found out the situation a little bit and was surprised at the end when Stella said “My master.”  Wow Louis is such a dick.  Hopefully he dies a painful death sometime in the future.  Arc is almost done guys just bear with it for a few more chapters.

Mind Your Own Gawd Damn Business

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Freezing 44

This chapter was a just a sex scene chapter with Louis doing his partner.  She was pretty hot though so check it out.

Satellizer's Lookalike Sexing It Up

You can download the files from Otaku-Central or FTH-Scans when it is available.

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Freezing 43

Didn’t see that they actually released a new chapter for Freezing.  Louis left the room without actually doing much except for some physical abuse.  Didn’t really like this chapter at all since it showed how weak Stella is acting instead of how she should be acting.  It doesn’t really make much sense.

*Sob* *Sob* *Sob*

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Freezing 42

She started out strong showing off her new Pandora powers however after being blackmailed by the video tapes she became weak.  This arc is annoying and I just want to get it over with and have the story move toward the 3rd years.

If Only She Could Of Maintained Her Conviction

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Coloring Take 3

I just finished coloring this picture and I hope you guys and gals would take a look at it and tell me what you guys think.    This exercise actually taught me alot about shadowing, highlighting, and glow effects.  It was actually one of the easier project just because of the way the drawing was made.  I found that doing shadows is a much easier time than doing highlights just because of the way the multiply layer works.  In order for the lighter highlights to show up I’d have to go back and delete the the actual colors layer.  Enough babbling here is the picture enjoy and you guys can check out the creative process for this project here.


Freezing 41

Well family should get along so in a way I can understand what Violet wanted to accomplish but knowing his past she should of been much stricter with Louis.  This chapter was just a setup chapter and didn’t really present much information.  It was kind of bland but it did leave us with a cliffhanger for the upcoming chapter.

Isn't That Sweet…Family Bonding

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Freezing 40

This chapter started out with Kazuya telling Rana that he is sorry to leave her alone but he was invited to go to Bali.  On the plane trip Satellizer questions Kazuya about why he have to report everything and get permission from Rana and he said that they’re all friends with each other.  She responded that she isn’t a friend of Rana and he said that only he knows her best and that Satellizer is really timid and nice underneath her cold exterior.  A limousine came by to pick them up to the hotel and Kazuya is all amazed at the scenery.  They meet up with Violet and a few funny scenes occur.  At the end we’re introduced to Louis and his limiter Holly Rose.

That Is The Type of Sister In Law I Want =)

This is just an introductory chapter for Kazuya with Satellizer’s family.  We get to know her sister’s name and also we get to see Satellizer’s brother.  A thing to note is that Satellizer and Louis’ limiter look almost exactly the same and she hates Satellizer by the looks of it.  Satellizer is scared of her brother as well.  We’ll see where this leads.

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Freezing 39

And it starts the arc with the asshole half brother.  Alot of color pages in this chapter for some reason.  No complaints from me.

Blonde All Tied Up

Satellizer woke up from her previous night’s ordeal.  She got an email from her sister, inviting her and her friends to come visit at a resort.  She contemplated on whether Kazuya would agree to come with her or not and decided to go swimming to get over the hangover.

Satellizer Asking Kazuya To Come With Her To The Resort

She saw Kazuya and Rana at the swimming pool.  They were discussing what they would be doing for the one-week break.  Rana have to stay at school to get her Stigmata checked out since she just transferred while Kazuya is staying at school because he doesn’t have anywhere to go.  Satellizer and Kazuya have lunch afterwards and she invited him to Resort Bali owned by the El Bridget family.  Its a pretty cute chapter with Satellizer acting all shy to ask Kazuya out to the resort.  It all goes downhill from here though folks for this whole volume =(.  Well not really downhill just going to get you really ticked off.  Oh well enjoy it while it last.

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Freezing 38

The chapter starts out with the organization saying they’d keep a close eye on Satelizer (she was able to come back from Nova form).  The two teachers were surprise about this and hinted that Kazuha (the protagonist’s sister, I always get them mixed up as well) went through something similar and they should of learn from their mistakes.  Meanwhile the entire group is enjoying a huge party after their hard earned accomplishment.  Elizabeth and Satelizer is having a drinking contest.  One thing leads to another and Kazuya have to carry her back to her place…surprise?

Satelizer laying in bed drunk

Alot of sexual innuendo in this chapter and I like it.  Alot of fan service but aside from that not much was discussed.  I guess they explored a little about Kazuha’s past and thats something I’d like to see.  The little boy have to man up and take what is in front of him.

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Freezing 37

Read chapter 37 last night but didn’t blog about it.  Anyway this pic pretty much sums up the whole chapter.

Kazuya does not want Satellizer to continue attacking Cassie.  She stops the attack and those spikes go back into her body and she transforms back to normal.  The state of emergency is over.  Cassie has recuperated and she and Satellizer had a talk about why she was spared.  Satellizer said she did it for Kazuya.  Basically alot of talk in this chapter but it was good and showed what is most important to the Pandoras.

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