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Iris Zero 19

The mystery was solved and the culprit was found out to be Tokita who was causing all the problems to protect the girl that he made a promise with.

Four Eyes Causing Problems

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Iris Zero 17 & 18

This chapter explains how the iris hunter was able to disable people’s iris as well as provided background information on Kuga and Torikita.  Chapter 17 was a pretty sad chapter that explains about Kuya’s past which made her out to be who she is today.  It also explains why Torikita is helping her.  Chapter 18 brought together Sasamori and Toru to counter and restore people’s iris.  Overall the explanation was kind of meh given how much they’ve tried to build up the iris hunter; however, I still enjoyed the chapters nevertheless.

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Iris Zero 16

I wish this scene is in alot more anime/manga to get people to stop being emo.  Pretty good chapter to get him to stop being depressed and time for him to step it up and solve this case.  BTW 06xby0wqexz58yw just in case you guys can’t enter it correctly.

Toru You Baka!

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Iris Zero 15

This chapter was pretty long but most of it was the extra funny stuff that isn’t story related.  This chapter allowed Sasamori to confess her true feelings and also allow Yuki to know about Kuga’s real intention.  It also tell us that Kuga isn’t the one spreading the rumors.  Kind of boring chapter actually.  Read the extra pages after the chapter though because it’s pretty funny.

Sasamori Stating Her Feelings

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Iris Zero 14

We get to know a few things in this chapter.  We get to know that Kuga is behind the Iris Hunting incidents from what Shinozuka is saying.  We also know that Sasamori is in love with Toru and that is why she is all embarrassed to look or does not want to see the X or O because she is afraid to lose her love.  We get to see the whole gang supporting Toru just by talking to him from what Yuki was saying.  Hopefully this whole mess will get resolved quickly so we can go back to the mystery solving >_<.

To Look Or Not To Look...That Is The Question

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Iris Zero 13

Kuga is blaming the iris for what happened to her and Houjou.  She thinks that if people didn’t have an iris then nobody would of been able interfering with her relationship therefore she plans to get rid of all of the iris.  She called out Sasamori and asked her if she likes anyone.  Toru came by to see what is going on which embarrasses Sasamori and made her run off.  Sasamori meets up with Tokita and is weary of him but he is still the most qualified to help Kuga and he also wants to be on her side.

Is That Suppose To Be A Cross o_O?

Soon afterwards a rumor is spreading that there is an iris hunter.  People suspect that it is the iris zero that is behind the problem and everyone is cautious of Toru.  He walks into a classroom full of people hating him and telling him to go home.

Sasamori never stops being cute haha.  I wonder how Kuga is getting rid of people’s iris and how is Tokita going to be able to help.  What’s more interesting is how is Toru going to deal with this dilemma.  I like this chapter alot because its getting a bit darker but it is still keeping its comical cuteness side.

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Iris Zero 12

Houjou invited Kuga over to his house for some alone time.  She went along with it but found out that he only likes Sasamori.  She then turn on evil psycho mode.

Kuga Letting Loose

Next day at school Houjou called out Toru to settle the score considering he was the one that said the truth and allowed Kuga to overheard.  Houjou was about to put a cigarette into Toru’s eye when Yuki said that she called a teacher.  Toru told her that he figured something like this would happen but he still did it and she figured that he did it to save Sasamori and to put her out of harms way.  In the school there are people talking about an Iris Hunter and in the same page Sasamori is saying “Hi” to Kuga, which implies that Kuga have something to do with the Iris hunter.

This manga have took a turn and have introduce maybe a true antagonist in the series considering everyone so far have been goody two shoes I don’t mind it at all.  The way they drew Kuga in the picture above is amazing, she have completely turned from an angel to the devil.  Its awesome and I love seeing where the author intends to take this story.

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Iris Zero 11

Woot its out!  The four is still trying to figure out how to save Kuga.  Sasamori wanted to seek help from Tokita (he was most qualified to help) but he doesn’t want to help her.  Toru is trying to keep her away for her safety but she never listens as presented below heh.

Sasamori Acting Tough

We get to find out that Tokita’s iris shows lines of affection meaning he can see who somebody likes.  The group had a confrontation with Houjou and ask him why he is helping Tokita with the plan.  It seems like their actions have hasten up the black butterflies.  This episode is really cute with the way Sasamori acted.

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Iris Zero 10

I started reading this a little while ago and I like the manga so far.  In this manga everyone have a special power with their eyes.  Most new kids have the eye powers except for our protagonist which is an “Iris Zero.”  It means he has zero eye powers and because of this he used to get abused verbally and physically by his peers as a child.  Growing up he has developed a low exposure motto to keep himself safe from everyone.  Low exposure that is until one of the most popular girl in school confessed to him.  See how he can keep himself safe by keeping his exposure rate low yet at the same time be friends and solve all the mystery surrounding the school.  I like this manga because the mystery can actually be solved by the reader if they pay enough attention to the little details.

In this chapter they followed their new friend which lead them behind the gym.  There was a boy that was confessing to Kuga however it does not appear to be so clear cut.  There was a black butterfly near her, he has a devil’s tail behind him, and an X above his head.  The trio gang have to find out how to keep their friend safe.

Butterfly, X, and Devil's Tail

This chapter was pretty interesting since it showed how the trio combine their powers to keep their friend safe.  Toru also showed some interest in Koyuki by keeping her away to keep her safe.  We’ll see how Toru solve this mystery.

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