This is a really funny manga similar to the GTO and Sun-Ken Rock type of genre.  It is about a guy that can open up any lock and he goes about doing so and solving many problems at the same time.  I highly recommend this series just because its really ecchi and very funny.

Anyway there were alot of things that happened that landed Saru into the hospital.  At first he wanted to find the perverted nurse F.  However in this chapter another problem arise that could very much affect his manhood so he had to take care of the problem first.  He was told that there was a doctor in the hospital that was accused of malpractice.  He was then told that this doctor was the one taking care of him.  If he was really a quack doctor he could screw up Saru’s hands, the very hand that that he uses to masturbate.  The only way to find out whether his hands will heal or not is by opening up the medical records in the nurse’s cabinet.

This Really Is An Emergency

This is a ridiculous chapter but very funny never the less.  They also found four different “F” nurses that have huge breasts and any of them could be the perverted F.  Their journey to find this F nurse will be one to be enjoyed.  We’ll see how he manage to find her identity and find out whether he can make “use” of his hands again or not.

You can find the chapter from Trinity BAKumA or you can find it on here.