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No updates for website until Thursday, May 25, 2011.  I need to concentrate on a test until then so don’t expect much or any updated content until then.


EDIT:  New job got me traveling across the country to do some training so instead of Thursday this website will be on hiatus until I get back in a couple of weeks.


New Photoshop Pictures

Finished four more redraws.  Go check them out up top in the navigation button Photoshop Pictures->Redraws.  Here is the collection so far.

Freezing Redraws

Belldandy From Ah! My Goddess

This picture brought back memories from the past.  I spent quite a great deal of time coloring this picture.  The background was ordinary but it isn’t so bad.  This was the first picture I actually drew the line arts myself so it took quite alot of time.  You can check out the coloring process here.  What do you guys think?


Kim Kae-Lyn From Sun-Ken Rock


I spent the most amount of time working on this picture out of all my other pictures and it turned out “ok” compared to the rest.  She is my favorite character in sun-ken rock just because of her personality and it is hilarious reading her in the manga.  Do check out this manga just because of its awesomeness if you guys haven’t already done so.  I have reviewed all of the chapters out so far so just do a search for it.  Also Weaper have  alot of information on it over at his website as well as other works from the artist Boichi.

Tell me what do you guys think of the picture?  Good? Bad? Meh?  Check out the coloring process here.

Felicia From Legend Of Maian

I was able to finish coloring this picture today.  By using the load selection tool I was able to color in the “outlines” with their appropriate colors so it looks nicer.  Utilizing the filters I was able to make the background more vivid.  What do you guys think?  If you like it check out the whole coloring process here.


New Photoshop Pictures

You can check out the four pictures on the side.  You can also access it on the bar up top.  If you click on them on the right, it’ll take you to the slideshow and gallery of the work in progress.

Freezing Screenshots

Coloring Take 3

I just finished coloring this picture and I hope you guys and gals would take a look at it and tell me what you guys think.    This exercise actually taught me alot about shadowing, highlighting, and glow effects.  It was actually one of the easier project just because of the way the drawing was made.  I found that doing shadows is a much easier time than doing highlights just because of the way the multiply layer works.  In order for the lighter highlights to show up I’d have to go back and delete the the actual colors layer.  Enough babbling here is the picture enjoy and you guys can check out the creative process for this project here.


So I finished coloring my picture where is my gold star!  Anyway check it out and tell me how it is. I think it looks pretty nice so please check out the progression gallery from original to finish here.


No Anime This Weekend

No anime this weekend makes me a sad panda.  It seems like Gosick will be shown the following week and although Freezing will be shown next week as well it will be censored.  I’m not sure when the uncensored version will be shown so I’ll show you this sad panda instead.

Although the reason why there isn’t any anime is because of the earthquake and tsunami and I am very sad because of the event I’m still a sad panda for the lack of anime this weekend.  Hopefully they can pull through and rebound from this tragic event and bring back the anime that we all love.  In the meantime check out the rest of the website because I did spend an hour or so working on the sequence of Photoshop pictures.

QQ Give Me Back My Anime!

Tragic Events

There isn’t any Gosick today  because of what happened in Japan.  You can read up on the tragic events on CNN or just go to any other news website.  In lieu of what happened in Japan I hope that everyone is able to take time out of their busy schedule to show that they care.

My heartfelt condolences go out to all the people affected by these tragic events.  I hope that everyone would be able to pitch in and help anyway they can.  I have already donated directly to the Red Cross and I hope everyone can help out a little bit by donating to their charitable organization to help the cause but I urge people to be aware of scams that are bound to arise from these events.  Just be smart even when you’re trying to do the right thing.