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Paranormal Activity 2

While watching Mirrors 2 I was told that Paranormal Activity 2 was a much better movie so I expected alot from this movie.  This movie was really the opposite of Mirrors 2 where it started out dead slow and built up its shock factor as the movie progresses.  The documentary like filming style was awesome and I thought that made the audience on the edge of their seat as they try and find the ghost throughout the movie and expect the next scare.

The music played very well with the dark, light, and surprising scenes.  The acting was very well done as I’d expect that people would act like that in an everyday normal family home.  There weren’t any really dumb people in the scene although I could question why they’d even continue to stay in the house toward the end.  The house is freaking huge though and isn’t really a “normal” family home.  There were many scenes where the shock was just instant and it was awesome.  The amount of boob shots throughout the movie was awesome as well.  I don’t know which pervert was holding the camera but I love all the boob shots that was taken by the two sisters.  The funny “pussy” scene was quite hilarious and kind of expected but funny nevertheless.  I would recommend this movie if you’re looking for some horror movie without the gore that is usually tied down with that genre.  I’ll give this movie a

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Mirrors 2

I got this movie after a family gathering where everyone was talking about new horror movies.  They said that Mirrors 2 was decent but it wasn’t as good as the first one.  After watching this movie I’d have to agree with everyone that it was okay but not great.  I never watched the first so I couldn’t compare it with that movie however I can tell you that this movie wasn’t very impressive.

It had a very good first impression when I first watch this movie.  It started very good but it only went downhill from there.  The acting was good but somewhat bad at the end; however, the plot was mediocre and the shock factor just fades after the first hour or so.  The acting toward the end was pretty bad especially the way Elizabeth tried to escape as well as the way Keller tried to catch Eleanor.  They’re just both bad actors.  The plot was average just because it was so expected that some random woman was abused and killed somewhere at the Mayflower and she wants to kill the party that was responsible.  There wasn’t enough time put into the movie for character development.  I didn’t felt fear, anger, resentment, scared, or excitement from the characters as they progress through the story.  The shock factor regarding Eleanor creepy looks died down after her third or fourth appearance within the movie.  The first few appearance was freaky as hell with the sound bites that came along with the scene.  Maybe it was because we couldn’t really see the ghost within the mirror fully or maybe it was because she was darker and more grotesque within the first few appearance but I wasn’t shocked anymore afterwards.

The reason why he could see the ghost was overly played in my opinion.  They should of just said he was the only one that can see the ghost because of the main character plot armor and I’d be fine with it.  But they took half an hour going through the guy’s life long story that frankly I didn’t really care about.  The one redeeming characteristic was that it included Christy Carlson Romano, the girl that voiced “Kim Possible.”  I grew up watching that cartoon so it was surprising to me when I saw her in this movie and she actually had a nude scene.  Just because of its strong start I’d give this movie a recommendation but don’t expect the high level  to continue throughout the movie.  I give this movie

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Megamind Cover Poster

This movie has a decently good review on rottentomatoes and I’m a sucker for animated movies.  I didn’t read anything about the movie so I didn’t know what to expect.  I saw a blue headed man so I expected something to do with aliens.  I was a bit off since this movie is more about superheroes and villains than aliens invasion or any of that sort.  There was a lot of parodies in this movies to other movies, events, and ideas.  This whole movie is basically about a villain’s life story where he had a life’s calling to become bad but over his course of being bad he turns good and becomes the hero of the city.

The animation is cute and cuddly and the acting and choreographer was very well done.  Although some of the characters could of been animated a little bit better like having the reporter have long hair or better looking would of been nice.  Or have the camera man not look like 3rd grade’s backyard bully would of been nicer.  The facial features of most of the characters was very detailed and it really expresses the way the characters show their emotions.  There were many unexpected things that the characters did that happened during the movie and it was awesome.  Although some of the things the characters did throughout the movie seems kind of cheesy and over the top, overall I enjoyed this movie.  The little quirks that they do like how Megamind couldn’t pronounce most of the words was entertaining.  The funny character interactions was very amusing that your whole family would love to watch.

With no further ado lets proceed with the movie overview.  The movie opens up with Megamind falling to his doom and himself narrating the movie about the events leading up to his demise.  It all started when he was 8 days old and escaping from his home world.  During the course of his escape he meets up with his long time rival, Metroman.  The baby animation was really cute for both him and Metroman.

Imagine How Much Smarter He'd Of Been If He Didn't Lose Half His Brain Cells During The Escape

Metroman landed in a nice rich family with “superman’s” powers while Megamind crashed into the prison and he only had his enhanced intellect to defend himself.  He went to school with Metroman and no matter how hard he tried to be good he always failed at it and he was destined to be a supervillain.  The story fast forward a couple of years and Megamind is in prison in solitary confinement.  He got a watch from Metroman as a present but the warden took it for himself.  The scene changes over to a Roxanne and Hal talking about Metroman Day and how she always gets kidnapped.  There was an invisible car that knocks her out and kidnaps her.  Meanwhile the warden gets transformed into Megamind and is placed inside the solitary confinement which allows Megamind to escape with the help of Minion.

Talking Fish Reminds Me Of The Cartoon With A Brain Controlling A Purple Bear

We’re then introduced to Metroman who is celebrating his celebrity status with the crowd.  The stuff he does seems quite lame and cheesy haha but it makes his character funny.  A funny scene occurs afterwards with Roxanne, Minion and Megamind discussing about his predictable antics.  He then contact Metroman so that he can save Roxanne and Roxanne proceeded to tell him that she is held at the observatory.  Metroman goes to the new observatory and a little banter between the two ensues.  As the death ray starts to charge up, Metroman tries to escape the observatory; however, he couldn’t escape and said that his weakness is copper.

Your Weakness Is Copper…..You're Kidding Right

The death ray hits and we’re shown a skeleton of Metroman flying toward Megamind.  “He did it” was the response that everyone kept saying.  A nice celebration through the city was expected as Megamind continues toward City Hall.  After some time of non challenged thievery we’re shown Megamind expressing his sadness and regret since he doesn’t have anymore rival.  He is talking to himself atop the Metroman building expressing how much he misses him.  He is also planning to blow up the building and at the same time he saw Roxanne in the same building.  He dehydrate Bernard and replicate his image to fool Roxanne.

Bernard Looks Like A Mad Scientist

As they’re about to escape the building they start to talk about having a hero rise up to take care of Megamind.  She says that heroes are created which gave Megamind the idea of using Metroman’s DNA to make a new hero so that he can have a hero to fight.  As they’re making the super power Roxanne found their secret lair.  After a few antics here and there in the lair, Roxanne accidentally fired the powered gun at Hal thus giving him super powers.  Megamind and Minion visits Hal at his place in disguise and start to train him to be the new superhero for the city.

Luke I'm Your Space Dad Or Something…

While he is training Hal to be the new superhero, he also starts to fall in love with Roxanne.  He starts to return everything back to its original place.  Minion finds out about his date with Roxanne and gets into an argument with him thus resulting in Minion leaving because Megamind “…doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore.”  Roxanne figures out Megamind’s master plan which was to create Titan.  Titan takes her around the city to impress her but she rejected him.  Roxanne meets up with “Bernard” and kissed him but he turns into Megamind which disgust her.  After losing his lover, he starts his grand plan to fight with Titan.  Titan never showed up to their duel so he visits Titan’s place where Titan told him he wants to team up and be evil.  Megamind revealed that he was his space dad as well as Bernard which made Titan angry enough to kill him.  Megamind starts to lose badly and his backup plan to trap Titan in a copper encased orb didn’t work.  The city is now “under new management.”

Titan Was Going To Get Trapped … Or So He Thought…

Megamind visits Roxanne for help and they try to find out Titan’s weakness.  They visit Metroman’s hideout which was his old school.  They found that Metroman was still alive but he doesn’t want to be a hero anymore.  He explains the situation and how he faked his death so that he can follow his dream of being a rock star.  After refusing to come back to help them, Megamind gives up and head back to prison.  Roxanne tries to reason with Titan but he took her hostage and wants a duel with Megamind.  Minion makes up with Megamind and help him escape prison to battle Titan.

Gawd Damn That Is A Big Blue Face

After killing Megamind, Titan tries to kill Roxanne as well however Metroman shows up and scares Titan away.  It was revealed that Megamind was Minion in disguise and Metroman was Megamind in disguise and the plan almost worked for one small glitch which was the way Metrocity was pronounced.  Megamind found the gun and was thrown into the air which leads to the scene at the beginning of the movie.  He turns himself into a hydrated cube, fell into the pool and then proceed to shoot and diffuse Titan’s powers.  The movie ends with Megamind being the new superhero of the city.

This movie was pretty good with its little quirks here and there.  The music was upbeat throughout the movie and the comedy throughout the movie was nonstop.  The animation and acting was superbly done although some of the characters aren’t as cute as the Pixar movies.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would recommend everyone to watch it with their family.  I’ll give this a

The Town

The Town Cover Poster

From the previews that I’ve seen on TV this movie seems to be about a group of guys robbing a bank and taking a hostage.  One of the guys fell in love with the hostage but the only problem is that she saw through the mask of one of the robbers.  Will she recognize him?  Will he kill her to keep her quiet?  Pretty good reviews so I’ll check out the movie and we’ll find out.

I thought the actors and actress in this movie did a great job.  The bridge that leads into Boston, the Bunkerhill Monument, the scenic route in and around Boston  was a plus in its “authenticity.”   The car-chasing scene was amazingly done and the last heist kept you on the brink of your chair anticipating what would happen to the crew.  I was glad that the movie wasn’t a cliché robbery where the main actor falls in love with someone who turns around to screw him and get him caught.  The plot was awesome, the acting was well executed, and the anticipation of the next heist peeked your interest throughout.

The movie opens up with the typical robbery at a bank.  They’re all wearing skull masks, ran into the bank and holding up all the customers to get rid of their cellphone and blackberries.  After making the bank manager Claire, open up the safe they held her hostage while they make their getaway.  After she was released the scene switches over to the Frawley the FBI agent leading the investigation.

Opening Bank Heist Introducing The Crew And Claire

One of the robber (James Coughlin) wanted to make sure that she saw nothing that could of identify them and link them to the robbery.  The other robber (Doug MacRay) said that he’d take care of her.  Meanwhile the FBI is talking to the girl that was held hostage and brief her on the situation.  Doug MacRay and James Coughlin had to distribute the cash as well as paying off various people.  They then spent the money on drugs, strippers, and gambling.  They then hit the bars and we’re introduced to James’s sister Krista.  Doug had to follow Claire to make sure she didn’t know information that could link them to the bank robbery.  He stalked her to the laundromat and he asked her out to dinner and boat ride.

Spending Their Hard Earned Money

Meanwhile the FBI found that in order for the robbers to be able to pull out the heist they had to have an inside man that knew about the camera wiring.  Frawley the FBI agent proceeded to talk things over with Claire and asked her out but she said that she might be going out with someone else already.  Later that night Doug met up with Claire and she told him about her hostage situation.  They then went to the hospital to visit one of her colleagues.  She then told Doug that she saw a tattoo on one of the robber and asked whether she should tell the FBI that information.  He talked her out of it by saying that they might come after her if they found out.  She then told her how some guys were giving her trouble by throwing beer bottles at her car and what not.  Doug and James proceeded to visit those guys and give them some payback.

Hockey Players Taking Out The Trash

Doug told Claire about his family situation about how his mother left and his father was traumatized.  James saw Doug having lunch with Claire and they got into an argument as to why he is hanging out with the one person that can put them into jail.    Doug visits his dad in jail and is getting prepped for his next job.  They hit another bank and this time is disguise as nuns.  After a nice car chase scene through downtown Boston the robbers were able to get away before the cops pull up the bridge connecting Boston to Charlestown.

Nuns With Guns

The FBI and cops arrested Doug, James, and the rest of the crew but they didn’t have any evidence against them so they had to let them go.  Doug gave Claire a diamond necklace and Frawley came by her place to show them their list of suspects.  Doug argued with James saying that he doesn’t want to do anymore heist.  Their Irish partner Fergie did not see eye to eye with him regarding him wanting to get out and threaten to kill Claire if he does so.  He visits Claire but she was furious with him regarding his lies and deceit after seeing his picture as one of the suspects.  He had to agree with the last heist at Fenway to keep Claire safe from Fergie.

Having A Conversation In Boston

Frawley met up with Krista and asked her whether Doug ever got her a diamond necklace.  Meanwhile the crew is getting ready for their next job.  Krista meets up with Doug to talk things over however he said he doesn’t like her and told her to get out.  Doug and James dress up as cops to rob the Fenway cash.  They got away with the cash and were about to transport it to the ambulance to make their getaway however Krista has informed the FBI about the situation so the FBI surrounded Fenway.  The group held their ground and a shootout occurs soon afterwards.  Most of the crew was killed while Doug and James dressed up as cops to blend in with their surroundings.  They almost got away however James was sighted and killed.  Doug came back and killed Fergie and his sidekick and attempt to call Claire.  The FBI used Claire as bait to try and catch Doug; however, Doug left for Florida but he buried his money near the flower patches where Claire works.  She dug it up and used it to fund the ice hockey for the local kids around Charlestown.

The Last Stand Against The Law

I really enjoyed the movie just because the scenes were all around Boston.  The car chase scene was really awesome with the amount of cops involved as well as their driving skills used to outrun the cops.  The acting was really well done and the audience is able to emotionally feel what the actors are going through.  I like the ending just because it wasn’t too cheesy with the hero dying at the end or anything like that.  The action, emotional, and strategically planning scenes was thoroughly coordinated and I’d recommend people watching this fast pace action filled movie.  I’d give this a

Middle Men

Middle Men Cover Page

This movie is about the people that brought porn to the Internet.  Interesting eh ^_^ (Don’t lie to me everyone have watched porn at one point or another).  What can I say; sex sells and any movie that is about the sex industry will sell.  I thought the plot line was there, I mean everyone is interested in sex and I’d really like to know how my playboy magazines came about onto the Internet in its infancy.  There were a few things that the movie did wrong though like its lack of humor or lack of good humor (I don’t really want to watch two retards fighting like 4 year olds).

The focus of the movie wasn’t what I really expected out of the movie and wasn’t very enjoying.  The mafia and drugs are boring and should be left back in the 50s.  The acting was subpar or maybe it was the directing that made me not enjoy the movie.  I didn’t really like any of the characters in the movie and if you’re not enjoying watching them on the screen what is the point of watching the movie.  It’s like watching a movie full of retards, evil plotters, and selfish money launderer.

The movie starts out with Jack Harris narrating and complaining about how he had to meet up with the Russian mafia.  He then explains how he is very good at mediating and setting up business for people.  And this is the reason how he end up together with two retards that brought porn and the Internet together.  Buck and Wayne created a program that allows people to subscribe to online porn by inputting their credit card information through the Internet.  Their customers demanded some new content on their website so they head to their nearest strip clubs to talk to the Russian mafia.  After some threatening, quarreling, and business negotiation they were given new strippers for their website.

New Strippers From Your Friendly Neighborhood Russian Mafia

They made a lot of money but spent it all on hookers, drugs, and partying.  Meanwhile Jack was successful in helping one of his friend’s club businesses.  He was then recommended by Jerry to help with Bevis and Butthead errr I mean Buck and Wayne’s situation.  Jack thought up of a business plan to create 247 Building to be the middlemen for the porn industry and for the consumers.  He paid off the Russian mafia however Ivan  (one collecting the money) died in the process.  After dumping the body he had to deal with the mafia again.  He paid them off as well as paying Jerry $200,000 to not be part of the business and their 247 Building skyrocketed in profit.  Jack was introduced to Audrey Dawns during one of his big parties.  Jerry also introduces Buck and Wayne (going to call them B&W from now one) to Danny Z so they can go into business together.

Audrey Dawns In a Sexy Pose - YES that is a cameltoe

While having sex with his wife he had thoughts of Audrey, which stopped their relationship.  He moved in with Audrey and had a pretty good life until Jerry, Russian mafia, and FBI came into the scene.  The FBI wanted help from Jack to track down terrorists group who go through his websites to look for porn.  Meanwhile Danny Z who was setting up underage pornography on their domain duped B&W.  They knew this was a crime and was very nervous when Jack was talking to the FBI.  B&W went to Jerry for help concerning the situation and also ended up telling him about the Ivan situation.

Jerry and B&W Discussing Business

After resolving some family issues Jack found out about the underage pornographer.  He went to Danny Z’s place and shot his foot and also realize he wants his family back.  He met up with the FBI who gave him a thanks for helping them getting rid of the terrorists as well as warn him about the underage pornography.  B&W, Jerry, and Russian mafia kidnapped the maid’s son to make Jack pay a ransom.  This was the scene at the beginning of the movie where he was delivering the money.

Russian Mafia Counting Money

They forced him to sign paperwork that would sign over his share of the business.  He signed the paperwork with a prior year’s date (so he does not have to go to jail for underage pornography).  He reconciled with his wife again and happy ending for him while the rest of the people got screwed.

I thought the idea behind the movie was quite interesting but the way they did the movie was a buzz kill.  I believe they tried to do too much at once and ending up failing in all assets.  They tried to make it a comedy, documentary, and drama but failed to produce and capture its audience.  I wouldn’t recommend watching this and would have to give this a

Let Me In

I came upon this movie when I was searching through the list of new dvd releases.  This movie is suppose to be a horror movie about the beauty of youth and the the horror of vampires.  It has VERY good reviews on rottentomatoes and I expect a movie that’ll keep me in suspense and give me a shock or two.

Let Me In - Cover Picture

My expectation for this movie is very high and I hope it does not disappoint.  I really enjoy these types of movie where it is started in the middle of the movie and we have to keep thinking what kind of events could of happened to lead up to that situation.  Some of the scenes were really dark and I suppose that is to add to the evil nature of the movie.  I did very much enjoy the music and sound effects that were used throughout the movie.  The biting effects, bone snapping, tree climbing, kissing, slurping, and slicing were all very grotesque and it added more to the whole atmosphere of the movie.

The date is March of 1983 and the scene starts out with an ambulance speeding down a mountainside with a patient who was covered in acid.  The scene switches over to the hospital where a detective is talking to the patient.  The detective is called out to a phone call and was talking about some little girl, meanwhile the patient jumped out of the window but before he did so he wrote down “I’M SORY ABBY.”


Acid Man's Dying Message

The scene is changed to two weeks prior where we’re introduced to one of the main cast, Owen.  After having dinner with his mother he was spying on all of his relatives while wearing a “Jason mask” and repeating, “are you scared little girl.”  He saw the little girl moving into the apartment and she wasn’t wearing any shoes.  Owen is getting bullied at school by three boys and we now know why he kept on repeating the phrase “are you scared little girl.”  Owen and Abby met in the playground however she said that she couldn’t be friends with him.  The scene changes to the first kill victim.  The old man who was accompanying Abby was stalking a man in his car and killed him in front of a passerby train.  After killing him he drained the victim of his blood however the blood was spilled when he slipped.  Owen heard some arguments through the wall.


First Victim

Owen meets up with Abby again in the courtyard and commented how she smelled funny.  Abby is then on the hunt and we’re showed how she looks in vampire mode.  After the old man disposed of the body the two met up again and Abby asked whether she smelled any better.  More bullying ensues and Owen confided in Abby and Abby told him to fight back and to “hit them as hard as he can.”  Owen also showed Abby how to talk through the walls using Morse code.  He took her out to the arcade and gave her candy but she became sick because of it.

Vampire Face

The scene is changed to Abby and the old man in the house getting ready for his next kill.  There is a touching scene where she consoles him and it made me think that they’re not father and daughter or even servant and master but more of a lover relationship.  He was in the car to kill his next victim when the passenger found him and they got into a car accident.  In order to hide his identity he pours acid over his head.  He is then transported into the hospital and this is the scene at the beginning of the movie.

Acid Man In Hospital With Abby Outside Of Window

Abby visits him in the hospital and kills him.  She then visits Owen and needed his permission to enter his room.  Owen was quite happy of himself after standing up to the bullies.  He wants to thanks Abby for her advice so he took her to his secret place where he wanted to make a pact.  This took a turn for the worst and she went vampire mode after seeing Owen’s blood.  After running out of the room she attacked the female neighbor.  Owen was quite distraught after seeing what Abby was capable of.  After visiting Abby in her house, Owen was showed some old photograph of Abby and a young boy with glasses (probably the old acid man).

Old Photograph

A scene in the hospital showed what would happen to a vampire if they were exposed to sunlight.  Abby visits Owen in his home and showed him what would happen to a vampire if they were not invited into other people’s houses.  The detective that was on the murder case is investigating Abbey’s home and he was killed in the bathroom.  Abby left that same night after kissing Owen goodbye.  In the pool, the bullies torment Owen and Abby save him by killing them.  We’re left with a scene where Owen is on a train and was doing Morse code onto a suitcase.


Owen Staring Into His Future

The acting was superbly done throughout the movie ranging from the older actors like the acid man to the younger actors and actress like Owen, the bullies, and Abby.  When I was watching Air Bender one of my friend commented how “kids can’t act” after I said how the movie sucked balls.  Well in this movie “kids” can act perfectly and I greatly enjoy how they made me feel like I wanted to punch the bullies, embrace Abby when she was sad, or run away from her when she has a taste of blood.

Overall the storyline was kind of expected like how they gave plenty of hints at Abby’s true nature.  I kind of already expected the ending, half way throughout the movie when Abby shared an emotional moment with the acid man in the house before the car crash.  I kind of expected Owen to take the old man’s place toward the end of the movie however what I like about the movie was that it kept me watching even though I expected the ending.  I like watching the plot unfolds throughout the movie and see how Owen overcomes the bullies and the path that he took to be with Abby.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would have to give this a


I got my hands on a high definition version of this movie and it was amazing so far.

The movie opens up with the explanation of the Alliance and the Independence and how they went to war.  This however was all inside of River’s dream.  Simon is breaking River out of the lab however this turns out to be part of a recording that was being watched by one of the Alliance employee.  This really reminds me Inception where they delve into a dream within a dream.

Recording of River and Simon escaping from the lab

The employee kills everyone with a sword like a ninja, its pretty cool the way he kills the guy that allowed the siblings to escape.  The scene switches over to the Serenity where they’re prepping for a job.  Reynold and Simon got into a heated argument on the issue of using River during the robbery.  River left with the captain and the crew to rob the bank; however, during the robbery Reavers started attacking the town.

Random Reaver

They escaped back onto the Serenity where Simon proceeded to punch the captain for putting River in such a dangerous situation and he wants out of the ship.  The graphical enhancement like making the exhaust of the futuristic car all wavily from the heat was great.  These little details add to the realism of the movie.

Serenity landing

They meet up with Fanty and Mingle to finish up with their job and get some new ones.  During their negotiation River entered the bar and watch a subliminal cartoon.  After some flashbacks she started attacking everyone in the bar.  The choreographer during that fighting scene did a splendid job.  She almost kills Reynold before Simon entered the bar and put her to sleep with a fail safe phrase.  More fighting upon the Serenity ensues but not before Reynold cuffed up River to be on the safe side.

River kicking ass

They met up with the Shepherd who gave Reynold some word of wisdom as well as a safe haven from the Alliance.  They hear back from Inara who met up with the Alliance assassin from the beginning of the movie.  Mal meets up with both Inara and the assassin from the Alliance.  After Inara sets off the flash bomb, both was able to get away back to the Serenity.  River escaped from her cuffs and went assassin mode on the crew after some relapses of her past.  The sound effects from the flying buzzard of the corpse to the engines ramping up as well as the sound of outer space was very good.

Arabian town where Inara is staying

They found the Shepherd dying.  Words of warning went to everyone who has sheltered the crew to “get out now” but images of their deaths showed it to be too late.  After a short conversation with the assassin, Mal forced the crew at gun point to turn Serenity into an abomination so they can fly through Reaver territory.  They reached the Miranda after a slight pause that felt like eternity.  The slight pause, the meloncholy melody, the feeling of anger and resentment was shown to the audience with great effects.

After visiting Miranda, they found corpses of people just lying down.  Then they came upon a message that explained the existence of Reavers that the parliament did not want to get out to the public.  The use of rotating the camera around was something new I haven’t seen in awhile.  The uses of light and dark imagery and lighting while near the beacon and on Serenity really showed the imagery of good and evil.

Beauty and the beast

Even in a dire situation, Walsh was able to make me laugh by assuring me he is “…a leaf, he is the wind.”  The Reavers attack and Kaylee puts up a strong front saying “to hell with this, I’m going to live.”  These comical relief was needed since there were so few and sparse throughout the movie.  Only inconsistency I found was how did that black assassin get to Reynold without going through the crew.

Alliance and Reavers space battle

One hell of a movie.  Everything was splendidly done and I think if these effects were done during the TV series it would of lasted much longer.  I thought the acting was so much better than the TV series as well.  Great way to wrap up the series.


The best horse that ever lived.  One of the few nonhuman Top North American athletes of the century.  What more can be said about the horse that haven’t been said already.  The movie was a classic disney with all its root for the underdog and happily ever after type of ending.  The movie started out with a sad beginning to show how the owner came to the possession of the best horse.  After the family’s death Penny wanted to take care of the farm for her dad’s sake.  Being in possession of the foal after losing a coin toss was how it was depicted in the movie.

Big Red being born

After going through alot of hardship the horse was able to get Horse of the year.  The movie was more focused on the human side to show the owner’s difficult situation and how she endured.  Maybe it was the acting, maybe it was the pacing, maybe it was the directing but I thought the movie did a bad job at depicting the emotional feel of either winning, losing, or enduring hardship.

Horse of the Year

The horse won “Horse of the Year”.  I think the movie tried to make it seem like a big deal but it didn’t feel that way as I was watching the movie.  The pace of the movie was a bit fast as well going from getting horse of the year and then switching over to the dad dying didn’t allow the audience to experience the mood.

Finishing the race

I thought the way they did the slow motion picture of the races was very good.  The way they showed each spec of dirt coming up to the jockey as the horse turns around the bend was realistic.  Filming of the horse race during the Kentucky Derby and Belmont was awesome.  I liked the way they debut the races as an actual races with all the commentary and the fan’s reaction to the actual races.

Secretariat and Penny at the end

The music scores to the movie was very well done.  It had a really relaxing and happy tune to it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the way it tries to capture the mood.  I thought the acting could of done a much better job.  I didn’t feel any emotional attachment to any of the characters as they cried or cheered.  Overall if you’re letting your kids watch the movie then its alright if they’re really young and just wants to see horses however if you’re watching it and want to envision what the actors are going through then the movie is a big disappointment.

I really expected alot from the movie to show the greatest horse that ever lived however it showed unnecessary events like the young kid’s hippie club rather than focus on the horse.  Overall I was disappointed and have to give this movie a

The Expendables

Watching this movie right now.

When I saw the trailer for this movie it looked like a comedy with all the old stars coming together.  One of my friends said “this can’t possible be a real movie.”  We’ll see.  Maybe it’ll be like an Ocean Eleven type of movie.  Lets just say I’m expecting an action pack filled movie.

Ever heard of 2 and a half men?  Well this is 4 and a half men.  There are movies that are chick flicks and this movie is the polar opposite.  There are some light hearted jokes here and there that’ll keep a smile on your face.  With everything like hot women, guns, explosions, and bikes this is what one would call a man’s movie.

The aftermath of the explosion was an awesome scene.  Throw in some racist jokes, car chase scenes, alot of tattoos, body decapitation, hand to hand combat and the only thing you’re missing is a mortal combat fatality.  Oh wait thats covered.

The movie ends with some cliche explosion jumps, hero rescuing damsel in distress, and death of bad guys but hey what action movie doesn’t.  Overall its a pretty good movie that’ll entertain you with non stop action that is bound to impress.

I give this movie a