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Dropping TV Series

I think I’m going to drop the whole TV series just because I don’t really like following the TV series that much even for the really good ones.  I find it a nuisance to have to write about each one after every episode.  When I watch a series I’d rather just watch a continuous series without ever stopping or stopping whenever I’m bored or tired.  I’d rather not stop and have to blog about each episode and besides nobody really read about the episode that much so its better to just stop it.  In retrospect however I should be doing more movies and anime reviews.  They’re faster to do and more entertaining.


Firefly S01E14

This episode is basically all about River.  The crew is starting to unravel her secrets little at a time.  After scaring everyone with a gun River was confined in her quarter and the crew had to figure out what to do with her.  After Kaylee mention how River can shoot three targets without looking they finally figured that she got special powers.  The episode then changes to a black man that is intruding onboard the Serenity.

Early threatening to rape Kaylee

He takes out everyone with ease as if he can read their minds.  He made Simon help him search for River.  After going into the cockpit of the ship, River started talking with Early saying that she have become one with Serenity.  She finally then tell Reynold a plan and to trust her.  She also tell Early that nobody wants her onboard the Serenity and it is better for her to leave with him.  She got him to leave the ship however Reynold hits him into outer space.  River returns to the ship and shares a moment with Reynold and she went back into Serenity with her new family.  This episode really explored River’s situation as a whole both beneficial and detrimental.  They really opened up alot of possibility with this episode exploring both River and the Shepherd’s situation.  Please check out the Serenity post for more information on the movie.

Show opens with an Islamic melody at a whore house.  There appears to be a raid at the whore house and the guy took some DNA from some pregnant woman.  The head whore called up Inara for help and Inara asked the rest of the crew.  Everyone wanted to help except for Jayne until the word whore was used.  After they got acclimated and introduced at the house the captain went into town to size up their opponent.

Nandi at the whore house

After he got back with Inara he suggest that everyone run however Nandi would refuse to leave her home.  Seeing as how she was so passionate about it the captain stays to help.  After fortifying the house the captain “enjoyed” his time with Nandi which resulted in Inara weeping alone in her room.  The intruders as well as Nandi was killed during the fray and the baby was saved.  Inara wants to leave the ship at the end of the episode.

I guess its an episode to further develop Inara’s character.  She needed to discover her true feelings and does not want to hurt anyone in the process as well as not wanting to change her mind if she stays.  On one hand she is in love with the captain but on the other hand she has to keep her distance from him.  Its a good episode to explore Inara which didn’t really get much screen time throughout the series.

Firefly S01E12

Its mail time for everyone!  Jayne got a hat from his mother and commented with “what did y’all order a dead guy for.”  Looks like they’re reminiscing about their old war time.  They got a message from their dead friend to bring his body back to his parents.  While they’re returning his body they were chased by an alliance ship which demand that they give back the body.  They wanted to do an autopsy to find out what their dead buddy was hiding.  While they were cutting up the body it came to life.

Old war friend

After their friend came back to life he told them why he was dead in the first place.  After being cornered they were forced to give up and allow the alliance to board Serenity.  However thinking the crew betrayed him, the guest took Kaylee as hostage.  The crew was forced to shoot him to save Kaylee and was able to intimidate the alliance to leave them alone.  The old war buddy died in the end and the crew returned his body to his parents.  This gave an insight to the old war times and explored the kind of relationship that the captain had with his subordinates.

Reynold met up with one of his old friend as well as his misses who surprisingly turned out to be Saffron (from earlier episode).  Inara got into an argument with Reynold regarding her lack of work.  The crew listened to Saffron regarding the heist that she can give them to make them rich.  Everything go as planned and they got into the prototype laser gun room.

Laser Gun Room

After Saffron left Reynold stranded on the rock planet all naked as well as making the Serenity unable to meet up at the rendezvous point she went to pick up the gun.  However Inara was waiting at the dump spot and got the loot ahead of her.  The doctor found out what Jayne did and said some words to make him not afraid of the brother and sister anymore and told him to trust them.  Alright episode but nothing really interesting.  What I do found interesting was whether River was telling the truth when she said she can “…kill you with with my brain.”

Firefly S01E10

Opens up with the Shepherd talking about Shun Yu as well as an interrogator talking about the works of Shun Yu.  It seems like Wash is jealous of the relationship between Zoe and Reynolds.  Inara has a female client and everyone seems surprise.  Reynold and Wash have gone to sell the medicine that they stole in the previous episode but was ambushed.  They’re having a conversation during the interrogation and Mal is trying to keep Wash awake for the rescue party.

Reynold & Wash being electrocuted

The crew is rescuing their captain and I like the way the Shepherd puts it “…quite specific, it is however somewhat a bit fuzzier the subject of kneecaps.”   I find the Shepherd to be a very amusing character remarking on the doctor’s shooting skill.  He said “…I was there son, I’m pretty sure you have not shot anyone yet.”  Pretty good overall rescue operation episode.

The crew is near Ariel so they can drop off Inara.  River randomly picks up a nice and slashed Jayne.  Apparently the doctor has a job for the crew.  I like the way Kaylee summarize this episode.  “We killed Simon and River, stole a bunch of medicine, and now the captain and Zoe is off springing the others that were snatched up by the Feds.”

Simon doing a 3D screening of River

Pretty good episode.  Looks like this is the turning point for Jayne.  It also allowed the doctor to know what happened to River.  Finally understood what she meant by “two by two, men in blue” as well.

Firefly S01E08

I’m looking forward to this episode since it should dive into Serenity’s past and how the crew came together.  Episode starts out with a melancholy music with an injured Reynolds.  It then flashed back to when Zoe was first introduced to Serenity and Reynold talking about finding a crew.  After a short celebration, an incident occurs and Zoe got hurt trying to save Kaylee.  River stated a grim reality while trying to cheer up the shepherd she said “…you’re afraid because that we’ll die gasping for air but we won’t.  That won’t be happening.  We’ll die freezing first.”  The ship can’t be fix so the contingent plan is four to a shuttle with two available shuttle and the captain going down with the ship.

Serenity with two shuttles on the side

The violin background music fits perfectly with the despair that the crew is feeling at the time.  The crew returns to save the captain in the end and we got a happily ever after ending.  The emotional stress, despair, and misery were perfectly portrayed in this episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Title is Jaynestown so I figure its going to be about him.  In a multicultural intrusive TV series you’d expect something new and exciting and it doesn’t fail to deliver.  Meet Jaynes Cobb the bonafide folk hero called Robinhood of the 26th century who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor…..because he needed to dump the weight on his ship to be able to get away.

Jayne in clayform

There is also an Albert Einstein reference when the shepherd put down …errrr up his hair.  There is also a rite of passage of becoming a man reference.  The episode showed some bonding that Kaylee and Simon shared while they were drunk.  It was a meh episode to say the least.  There wasn’t anything good that happened nor anything that would drag the episode downward.

Firefly S01E06

Episode starts out with a bang.  The the savior returns to town and they have a huge party in which the captain got hitched by some weird custom.  The rest of the crew got gifts as well one of which is a rain stick which I found to be humorous.  The crew have some fun and makes light of the situation on board the Serenity even going as far as saying a “…special kind of hell…” is in stored for Reynolds if he takes advantage of the situation.

Mrs. Reynolds

This episode is a comic relief type of filler.  Normally I wouldn’t enjoy watching filler because I find them to be a waste of time but this episode was hilarious.  Everyone is having a little poke at the situation going from the Shepherd saying Reynolds is going to hell, the couple making fun of the newly weds, and Jayne even tried trading his best gun for the wife.  Halfway through the episode it became more serious and the girl seems to be up to something.  This episode also revealed some relationship that Inara have with the captain.  Overall quite a funny episode which I enjoyed.