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In this project I had to redraw the picture behind the quotes.  That wasn’t so bad then I just had to clone the shirt and clouds to reassemble the picture.  Then by utilizing the pen tool I can redraw the buildings behind Andre.  That was the easy part and what I want to get out of this project is to learn how to make the clouds look realistic as well as be able to color in the magical effects that alot of manga have.  What I mean by magical effects is the spiraling thing Elizabeth has around her hands.

Picture is fully redrawn.  Now onto coloring.  I used a variable sized brush and playing with the flow percentage to create the clouds.  I’ll have to retouch it a bit more later with some highlights and some more shadows but it looks nice for now.  Colored the sky and part of Elizabeth’s hair.  It is so much easier coloring Freezing’s type of hair because it’s in huge clumps and not single strand like in Sun-Ken Rock.  I’ll do some research on how to make the glowing spiral but I’d imagine the rest of the page should be pretty easy to color.

Something just didn’t look right with the picture and I finally figured it out.  The stupid clouds in the back just wasn’t realistic enough for my taste.  With a little ingenuity I was able to scour a nice background and now I just have to carefully delete the background for the original layer and I’ll be all set.  Then I have to delete the cloud layers that is intersecting with the colors and it should look pretty nice afterwards.

I just need to color in Andre’s and the background character’s hair.  I need to find out what color I should color Elizabeth’s boots.  Still deciding whether I should make the bricks red with white lines or leave it as it is.  After those are done I’ll still need to add in the glow effects on her spiraling thing.  I’ll probably end up adding a glow effect on the volt weapon’s sparks as well.  Alot of stuff still left.

Picture is done.  It looks alright.  Maybe its the lack of ecchi or maybe I’m just a perv but I didn’t really like the picture that much.  Totally forgot about shadowing and highlights.  Fixed now.  I changed my mind and after shadowing the picture it does look pretty nice.  But wish she’d show boobs instead >_<.