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I tried a different coloring method with this picture than my other projects.  I’m going to try it out and see the difference and if it actually is noticeable like others have stated.  So far though it looks pretty nice.  This coloring project was suppose to be easy on the character itself however the background will pose a challenge once I get to it.

Spent most of the afternoon trying to decide the colors for the background as well as the sparkles and glowing lines.  I finally settled on lavender and pink glow.  I’m in the process of recoloring the purple outlines to their appropriate colors to match with the colors.  I’m basically done with the bottom part so now I just have to work on the top and outer part so all I have to do now is color the hair and the cape.  After that is done I have to create a few brushes with glowing sparkles so that I don’t have to make the dots for the glow.  The lines is pretty easy to do since all I have to do is use the pen tool with a stimulated pressure button checked and then change the blending option for the layer.

The bigger fuzzy background circles will most likely be done using the Gaussian tool with two circles one inside the other.

I might of went a little overboard on the sparkles but I’m not sure though.  It came out pretty nice in the end imo.  This way of coloring instead of using the “multiply” layers was alot more work toward the end but it looks better because I get to be able to color the black parts as well.

I learn a few things in this project.  I learn about the different type of motion blur.  Also I learn how to preset brushes so I can make patterns easily.  I added a little of something I learn from manga cleaning to this picture and made the picture more vivid looking.  Using the highpass, blur, and diffuse filters I was able to make the whites brighter and the dark darker.