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First to forewarn, the images are HUGE so it might take awhile to load up.  In this project I learn how to color the hair with better shading.  I learned quite a few things in this project.  I learn how to color the line arts in different layers so that they can overlap with each other without overwriting them.  I’m talking about the line arts itself and not just the colored layers.  That made coloring and recoloring them ALOT easier.  Also I used the lock transparency alot in this project…it helped soooo much.

For some odd reason I ended up coloring all her clothes green.  It might of been because I wanted her dress to match the boxers I was wearing today haha.  I might change my mind and recolor the sweater, ribbon, and stockings a different color but for now I’ll leave them green and see how they are.  The dress is a bitch to do but I think once I finish it, it’ll be worth it.

I probably spent the most amount of time on this picture out of all my project.  I had the hardest of time trying to work out a nice background for this picture.  I decided to use an abstract coloring scheme to blend together the three colors that I predominantly use in the picture which was green, blue, and yellow.  I added a glowing effect around the words and butterflies to give it a flare to it.  The abstract background itself was a pain to make as well.  Overall though it doesn’t look so bad.  It might be a tad bit dark and I might change the coloring again whenever I feel like it but for now it is finished.