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In this project I’m going to be working with coloring and lighting.  The coloring right now is really light but I can always change it with the Hue/Saturation tool so its no big deal.  In retrospect I should work on her hair last because it’s really difficult working with some single strand hair.  Trying to figure out how to do the lighting effects for the ceiling and the slot machines.  If anyone know some good tutorials please let me know.  For now Google is my friend I guess.

For the most part everything is done except for the lights.  There seems to be three different version of lights that are used in the picture.  The blue ones which is around the ceiling, the orange ones which are around the pillars as well as around the slot machines, and the yellow ones which are on the chandelier hanging on the ceiling.   I tried to download some filters like AutoFXLighting but that didn’t do what I wanted.  I found the easiest way is to use the white and colored swap and filter it with the Gaussian blur.  I’ll work on the lighting project tomorrow since its going to take awhile to light up the background.

The picture is done.  I fixed up the lighting a bit this morning and I like the way it turned out.