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In this project I’ll be working with redrawing and using the Pen Tool.  I was bored so I tried to get rid of all the words on this eyecatch in episode ten of Freezing.  I really like the picture but the words kind of ruin it so I’m just going to try and get rid of the words.  Working on Ticy’s hair was a pain in the ass considering there was more than ten different variations of purple in her hair.  Chiffon’s panties had alot of purple as well >_<.  The only other hard part was to color the skin shadows.  For some reason there was about four different variations of brown on Ticy’s skin.  It was quite frustrating to mesh up the colors but I kind of just smudge them and it works out I think.  Good thing that came out of this boredom was that I learn how to use the pencil tool to make straight and curve lines that don’t look jagged like when I trace them.