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Paranormal Activity 2

While watching Mirrors 2 I was told that Paranormal Activity 2 was a much better movie so I expected alot from this movie.  This movie was really the opposite of Mirrors 2 where it started out dead slow and built up its shock factor as the movie progresses.  The documentary like filming style was awesome and I thought that made the audience on the edge of their seat as they try and find the ghost throughout the movie and expect the next scare.

The music played very well with the dark, light, and surprising scenes.  The acting was very well done as I’d expect that people would act like that in an everyday normal family home.  There weren’t any really dumb people in the scene although I could question why they’d even continue to stay in the house toward the end.  The house is freaking huge though and isn’t really a “normal” family home.  There were many scenes where the shock was just instant and it was awesome.  The amount of boob shots throughout the movie was awesome as well.  I don’t know which pervert was holding the camera but I love all the boob shots that was taken by the two sisters.  The funny “pussy” scene was quite hilarious and kind of expected but funny nevertheless.  I would recommend this movie if you’re looking for some horror movie without the gore that is usually tied down with that genre.  I’ll give this movie a

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Mirrors 2

I got this movie after a family gathering where everyone was talking about new horror movies.  They said that Mirrors 2 was decent but it wasn’t as good as the first one.  After watching this movie I’d have to agree with everyone that it was okay but not great.  I never watched the first so I couldn’t compare it with that movie however I can tell you that this movie wasn’t very impressive.

It had a very good first impression when I first watch this movie.  It started very good but it only went downhill from there.  The acting was good but somewhat bad at the end; however, the plot was mediocre and the shock factor just fades after the first hour or so.  The acting toward the end was pretty bad especially the way Elizabeth tried to escape as well as the way Keller tried to catch Eleanor.  They’re just both bad actors.  The plot was average just because it was so expected that some random woman was abused and killed somewhere at the Mayflower and she wants to kill the party that was responsible.  There wasn’t enough time put into the movie for character development.  I didn’t felt fear, anger, resentment, scared, or excitement from the characters as they progress through the story.  The shock factor regarding Eleanor creepy looks died down after her third or fourth appearance within the movie.  The first few appearance was freaky as hell with the sound bites that came along with the scene.  Maybe it was because we couldn’t really see the ghost within the mirror fully or maybe it was because she was darker and more grotesque within the first few appearance but I wasn’t shocked anymore afterwards.

The reason why he could see the ghost was overly played in my opinion.  They should of just said he was the only one that can see the ghost because of the main character plot armor and I’d be fine with it.  But they took half an hour going through the guy’s life long story that frankly I didn’t really care about.  The one redeeming characteristic was that it included Christy Carlson Romano, the girl that voiced “Kim Possible.”  I grew up watching that cartoon so it was surprising to me when I saw her in this movie and she actually had a nude scene.  Just because of its strong start I’d give this movie a recommendation but don’t expect the high level  to continue throughout the movie.  I give this movie

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