The best horse that ever lived.  One of the few nonhuman Top North American athletes of the century.  What more can be said about the horse that haven’t been said already.  The movie was a classic disney with all its root for the underdog and happily ever after type of ending.  The movie started out with a sad beginning to show how the owner came to the possession of the best horse.  After the family’s death Penny wanted to take care of the farm for her dad’s sake.  Being in possession of the foal after losing a coin toss was how it was depicted in the movie.

Big Red being born

After going through alot of hardship the horse was able to get Horse of the year.  The movie was more focused on the human side to show the owner’s difficult situation and how she endured.  Maybe it was the acting, maybe it was the pacing, maybe it was the directing but I thought the movie did a bad job at depicting the emotional feel of either winning, losing, or enduring hardship.

Horse of the Year

The horse won “Horse of the Year”.  I think the movie tried to make it seem like a big deal but it didn’t feel that way as I was watching the movie.  The pace of the movie was a bit fast as well going from getting horse of the year and then switching over to the dad dying didn’t allow the audience to experience the mood.

Finishing the race

I thought the way they did the slow motion picture of the races was very good.  The way they showed each spec of dirt coming up to the jockey as the horse turns around the bend was realistic.  Filming of the horse race during the Kentucky Derby and Belmont was awesome.  I liked the way they debut the races as an actual races with all the commentary and the fan’s reaction to the actual races.

Secretariat and Penny at the end

The music scores to the movie was very well done.  It had a really relaxing and happy tune to it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the way it tries to capture the mood.  I thought the acting could of done a much better job.  I didn’t feel any emotional attachment to any of the characters as they cried or cheered.  Overall if you’re letting your kids watch the movie then its alright if they’re really young and just wants to see horses however if you’re watching it and want to envision what the actors are going through then the movie is a big disappointment.

I really expected alot from the movie to show the greatest horse that ever lived however it showed unnecessary events like the young kid’s hippie club rather than focus on the horse.  Overall I was disappointed and have to give this movie a