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One Piece 623

Wow I didn’t expect the chapter to be out so early.  This cleared up some of the mysteries surrounding Fisher Tiger and his death.  It also brought about new mysteries concerning Kizaru and Arlong.

Fisher Tiger's Death

You can check out the chapter on MangaStream or here when it is available.

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This picture brought back memories from the past.  I spent quite a great deal of time coloring this picture.  The background was ordinary but it isn’t so bad.  This was the first picture I actually drew the line arts myself so it took quite alot of time.  You can check out the coloring process here.  What do you guys think?


Sun-Ken Rock 30

This episode was pretty boring since it only show them getting ready to attack the casino.  Next chapter would be the fighting one though I think so lets look forward to that.  I did some editing of the original raw file.  Some leveling and some color editing and cloning.  Took like two mins or so but I think this picture is so much better than the raw.  Enjoy.

Ready To Show Ass....Errr I Mean Kick Ass

You can check out the raws here and you can download from Random Scanlation when it’s available.

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This was an interesting episode with it diving into Kimmimaro’s past as well as providing more information on the Financial District and its system.  The blonde chick took center stage in this episode by narrating most of it and it seems like she is a spy.  Spy for whom?  Watch and find out.

Newest Overpowered Asset

You can get it from Doki Fansubsgg fansubs, Hatsuyuki, or Nutbladder

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This was a very confusing and sad chapter.  Poor Mr. Smith he just wanted some foreign booty, was it too much to ask.  I like how the author gave a general picture of their locations as well as their destination.

Traveling Through The Desert

Please check it out over at Scantily-Clad and you can grab it off their irc

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Steins; Gate 04

Yay Makise is back and it seems like this chapter explored the tip of the iceberg concerning her past.  Oh yeah and they found an IBN 5100 PC for their experimentation.

Sexy Cat Woman

You can get it from Commie Subs  or Steins; Subs when it’s available.

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This chapter was unexpected in revealing Cana’s father to be…  Aside from that they had to pull some sort of power to fight against Blue Note and there really was only two ways they’d be able to do that which was Gildarts coming back to help or having some new OP powers pulled out of their ass.  They chose to use the latter and Mavis giving Cana powers to protect people was semi expected.

Fairy Glitter ... Sounds Gay

You can get the chapter from Mangastream or here.

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Two new demons were introduced in this episode.  This episode wasn’t really as funny as the others but it was “alright.”  At least they’re consistent enough with the show to make Beelzebub and Azazel side with the lizard demon taking into consideration their personalities.  I feel bad for Sakuma because she is always taken advantage by different demons.

Naked Samurai Lizard

You can download it from Why Not or Interrobang Fansubs.

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I spent the most amount of time working on this picture out of all my other pictures and it turned out “ok” compared to the rest.  She is my favorite character in sun-ken rock just because of her personality and it is hilarious reading her in the manga.  Do check out this manga just because of its awesomeness if you guys haven’t already done so.  I have reviewed all of the chapters out so far so just do a search for it.  Also Weaper have  alot of information on it over at his website as well as other works from the artist Boichi.

Tell me what do you guys think of the picture?  Good? Bad? Meh?  Check out the coloring process here.

First protagonist’s battle.  He did pretty well with an OP asset.  Msyu is pretty cute and fiesty.  Lets see what happens from now on.

Pew Pew With Phoenix Powers

You can get it from Doki Fansubsgg fansubsHatsuyuki, or Nutbladder

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