The chapter opens up with Ken meeting all the members at the coffee shop.  He found out that they’re poor and they lack an office/headquarter.  Apparently “…Gondar can sacrifice others just for outlooks…” and that’s how they’re wearing Armani suits haha.  They then talk about recruiting Jang Tou Hung from Suwon and that’s where they’re heading toward.  Jang Tou is looking for a new organization to join since he is 21 but he doesn’t want to bow down to anyone that is weaker than him.

Jang Tou Hung Sinister Smile

Ken said that he wouldn’t fight without a reason so Tae Seo pushed him out of harm’s way when Jang Tou launch an attack with his head.  Ken starts to fight Jang Tou after he hurt his friend; however Jang Tou is like a truck and would not go down easily.  Ken finally found his weak point which is his head and after winning they got a new comrade.  They also got a new mode of transportation as in Jang Tou’s car (haha they don’t have to take the subway anymore).

I really wanted to use the picture of the girl in the bar since she looks so cute but I found it inappropriate since this chapter is all about Jang Tou joining the crew.  The explanation of the organization’s priorities is quite funny in this chapter.  It’s like an RPG game where they start from scratch and have to build up a huge ass army.  What else are they missing now that they have a car?  An office…haha lets see how manage to get one.

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.